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    MyLab Gamma

    MyLab™Gamma: A World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound. MyLab™Gamma sets ultrasound free bringing superb quality imaging and fast, accurate diagnosis to the Point-of-Care in any situation – wherever and whenever. MyLab™Gamma is a best in class, highly-portable, ‘green’ ultrasound system. Based on Esaote’s productivity-oriented operating platform, the super-light, feature packed portable system sets ultrasound [...]

  • MyLab Twice View Product

    MyLab Twice

    MyLab™Twice: Two Ways To Be Unique Premium Performance And Point-of-Care Ultrasound The unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” represents a “paradigm shift” in the hospital organization, combining two systems in one: top performance and exclusive solutions able to change the daily clinical outcome where Efficiency and Productivity are of paramount importance. The new MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology [...]

  • MyLab Seven View Product

    MyLab Seven

    Maximizing The Efficiency Of Ultrasound Scanning More in less: the new Productivity-Oriented Platform, a further breakthrough in ultrasound imaging. MyLab™Seven, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value, delivers high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. Examinations can be comfortably performed, with the right tool and without any waste [...]

  • MyLab 40 Blue Edition/eHD View Product

    MyLab 40 Blue Edition/eHD

    MyLab™40, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value is a compact console ultrasound system designed to be the ideal solution both for the shared-service and cardiovascular ultrasound department or clinic. the MyLab™40 license-based modular architecture can be configured to meet the individual needs of its users in various applications. “Quality is not an act, [...]

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